[PRNewswire] Congregating in the Lion City

왕호TV뉴스 | 기사입력 2024/05/17 [22:56]

[PRNewswire] Congregating in the Lion City

왕호TV뉴스 | 입력 : 2024/05/17 [22:56]

[PRNewswire] Congregating in the Lion City

-- Experts gathered for a win-win future of intelligent computing at the Global Data Center Facility Summit 2024

SINGAPORE May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire=연합뉴스/ -- On May 17, 2024, the Global Data Center Facility Summit 2024 was held in Singapore with the theme of "Power the Digital Era Forward." At the summit, over 600 data center industry leaders, technical experts, and ecosystem partners gathered to discuss new trends and opportunities of the global data center industry in the intelligent computing era. The attendees also got to experience all-scenario, all-ecosystem, and all-service end-to-end (E2E) solutions, share innovative practices of green data centers in the Asia Pacific and Europe, and experience the exhibition vehicle to unveil the mystery of Outdoor PowerPOD that features one power system per container. By fully embracing the intelligent computing era, Huawei strives to power the digital era forward.

Seizing Opportunities Brought by AI and Jointly Building Green & Reliable Computing Infrastructure

At the opening speech, Charles Yang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Marketing, Sales and Services, Huawei Digital Power, noted that since ChatGPT ushered in the AI era, large models keep pushing the limits of computing power and the intelligent computing industry is witnessing an unprecedented construction boom. As predicted, 100 GW will be added to the global data center installed capacity and the market value will exceed US$600 billion in the next five years.

According to Charles, with opportunities come challenges. The primary challenge concerning the data center industry is reliability and electricity. Data centers are scaling up from the MW-level to the GW-level. E2E reliability of data centers is becoming even more important than ever. In response to the opportunities, Huawei will work with customers and partners to expand the industry space.

Steering Data Centers to the AI Era with Product + Service + Ecosystem

During the summit, Sun Xiaofeng, President of Huawei Data Center Facility & Critical Power Business, delivered a speech titled "Power the Digital Era Forward. " He stated that as AI large models are penetrating, the surging compute demands drive the expansive growth in data center.

To address the challenges, Huawei strives to build product + service + ecosystem E2E data center solutions that feature fast deployment, flexible cooling, green energy, and ultimate reliability.

- Fast deployment: Data centers are fully modularized and prefabricated to ensure high quality and efficient construction.
- Flexible cooling: Air-liquid fusion and integrated cooling source emerges as the optimal cooling architecture for intelligent computing.
- Green energy: New generation-grid-load-storage integrated solution is built to ensure the sound operations of intelligent computing centers.
- Ultimate reliability: Data centers are safeguarded through reliable products and preventive protection.

Currently, Huawei's global service network covers more than 170 countries with over 1800 professional engineers, providing 24/7 technical support. With N+ flagship service centers, Huawei has built a one-hour service radius for its customers.

The ecosystem is a key part for a win-win future of intelligent computing. Huawei works with partners to develop comprehensive E2E solutions and provide customers with one-stop data center services.

During the summit, Huawei and the ASEAN Centre for Energy released a white paper on "Building Next Generation Data Center Facility in ASEAN." The document provides insights into the status quo, challenges, and trends of data centers in the ASEAN region, and emphasizes that efficient and energy-saving products and solutions should be applied. It also proposes future-oriented policy recommendations for data center markets.

In the ecosystem exhibition area, Huawei showcased scenario-based solutions for large-, medium-, and small-sized data centers, and demonstrated data center consulting, design, integrated development, and delivery capabilities with dozens of ecosystem partners including CIMC, Weichai, CSCEC, and Huashi.

On a special note, the Huawei Outdoor PowerPOD exhibition vehicle made its global debut. The Huawei Outdoor PowerPOD features one power system per container, outdoor deployment, plug-and-play, and high protection rating and reliability. It has become the preferred choice for decoupling the power supply architecture.

A single tree cannot make a forest.

AI is presenting great opportunities. By delving into the industry, aggregating partner ecosystems, and making innovations applicable to transformations, Huawei will continue to help customers build reliable computing infrastructure, accelerating the industry to embrace AI and powering the digital era forward.

Source: Huawei

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